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Radovana Dragovića 12, Belgrade
+381 11 3555 700
+381 63 566 788
+381 11 3057 747

HotelBrain is the largest white flag hotel management company in Greece and on the Meditteranean in general. At this moment, the company’s portfolio consists of more than 120 hotels in 38 destinations in Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and most recently in Serbia and in Montenegro. HotelBrain has been honored twice with the Tourism Award and the World Travel Award while in September 2015 gained once more the World Travel Award as the Leading Hotel Management Company in Europe.

Starting from September 2015 HotelBrain has several hotel management agreements in Serbia and in Montenegro and is ready to share its expertise on matters of hotel management in the market. HotelBrain has been perceived in the business world’s mind as an important regulator within the hotel industry in all markets where it operates.