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Tadeusa Koscuska 30, Beograd

IKRP i partneri d.o.o. Beograd (member of Rokas international network) established a business consulting firm foothold in early 1998, with a number of consultants providing advice and consultations regarding the Serbian business environment.  Experience in Serbia includes a wide range of corporate business advice to clients that extends from the establishment phase of corporations, with extensive elaboration of difficult schemes, through to post-incorporation day-to-day services. We have accumulated substantial experience in the area of banking and finance including regulation and network matters, as well as experience related to bank affiliates in the financial sector including leasing companies, joint ventures and strategic alliances schemes and sophisticated management arrangements adapted to the local environment. The firm’s experts advise not only on Serbian regulation issues and business environment but also on issues arising in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia.

Resavska 23, Beograd

KARANOVIC & NIKOLIC is the leading full service commercial law firm covering the jurisdictions of Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro.


Kosancicev venac 11a, Beograd
+381 11 328 33 00+381 11 328 33 00
+381 11 328 33 01

LAZAREVIĆ & PRŠIĆ is highly respected national firm providing client –oriented, interdisciplinary services that outcome in high-legal counsel for our clients.

The firm serves needs of enterprises of all types and sizes, in both the private and the public sector.
Lazarević & Pršić provide following services:

  • Corporate
  • Privatization
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate
  • Labor/Management relations
  • Litigation
  • ADR
  • Tax advising
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