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Logistics and Transport Services

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Bulevar Zorana DJindjica 92, Beograd
+381 11 314 9729+381 11 314 9729
+381 62 656 344+381 62 656 344
+381 11 311 5483

BALKAN CARGO is a forwarding company founded in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2005. The succesful beginning relied on long-term staff experience at the same business in Athens, Greece. The company swiftly became No.1 transport service provider in the Balkan area, especially between Greece and ex-Yugoslav countries. Balkan Cargo provides solutions for all logistics needs, including transport, customs procedures and warehousing.

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Ulcinjska 7, Beograd

Siamko Group is one of the leading regional logistics provider in Balkans, founded in Greece in 1999. Since 2015 with the opening of Siamko Group Serbia, it expanded its operations in Belgrade, owning a modern fleet as well as large parking service.

Company offers complete organization of transport, full truck transportation, partial (group) transportation and special oversized transport. Siamko Group currently owns 12 trucks with tendency of expansion its fleet, as well company works with huge international network of providers which exclusively gives ability for operations with 80 additional trucks.

Siamko Group provides a full range of international logistics services in the following countries: Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania Kosovo, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania, Belarus, Russia.


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