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Real Estate / Property Management

Omladinskih brigada 88, Airport City Belgrade, Beograd

CBS INTERNATIONAL is the part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm (in terms of 2012 revenue). CBS International is the leading real estate company in Serbia. Today the office counts 37 professionals, providing variety of services including office agency, research, retail agency, building consultancy, residential & mixed-use sales, leasing and development consultancy, valuation and development advisory.


Vladimira Popovića 6, Beograd
+381 11 2600 603+381 11 2600 603
+381 11 2601 571

DANOS is a company with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Nicosia, Limassol and Belgrade. As International Property Consultants, Danos provides a wide range of professional services, these include: property management, project management, planning & development advice, property agency, valuations, design and market research.
As a leading Chartered Surveyors firm, Danos provides a wide range of services in connection with land and buildings. High quality and professional services in Cyprus, Greece and Serbia is our only aim and task. The range of services offered is of high quality according to international standards and regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Radovana Dragovica 12, Beograd

HotelBrain is the largest white flag hotel management company in Greece and on the Meditteranean in general. At this moment, the company’s portfolio consists of more than 120 hotels in 38 destinations in Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and most recently in Serbia and in Montenegro. HotelBrain has been honored twice with the Tourism Award and the World Travel Award while in September 2015 gained once more the World Travel Award as the Leading Hotel Management Company in Europe.

Starting from September 2015 HotelBrain has several hotel management agreements in Serbia and in Montenegro and is ready to share its expertise on matters of hotel management in the market. HotelBrain has been perceived in the business world’s mind as an important regulator within the hotel industry in all markets where it operates.

Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 6, Beograd
+381 11 218 2228+381 11 218 2228
+381 11 218 2227

LAMDA DEVELOPMENT., listed on the main market of the Athens Exchange, is a holding company specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate in Greece and South-Eastern Europe. The company is the leader in the Retail Real Estate sector in Greece with successful diversification in the office and residential sectors in Greece as well as in countries of the South – Eastern Europe. The company has been declared by the board of HRADF as the preferred investor for the acquisition of the 100% of the shares of Helliniko SA.
The company has a top reputation as member of the Latsis Group and maintains strategic alliances with international and local players.

Mekenzijeva 57, Beograd

Formerly a leading retail chain in the region, the company RK Beograd doo (RKB) is a leader in business innovation with great international experience in real estate management and in organizations of retail space. RKB owns 34 department stores with approximately 180,000 m2 of net space. They are situated in the most attractive, central locations in all major towns throughout Serbia and Montenegro. Our properties are flexible up-to-date retail centers, organized in conformity with needs of tenants and consumers. Our real estate portfolio also includes warehouses, distributive centers and premium office premises in Belgrade. In Montenegro, besides two department stores, RKB has two supermarkets and one warehouse, as well. Department stores Belgrade operate as a limited liability company.

The company is based in Belgrade and is jointly owned by a Serbian company Verano Motors and a Greek investment group MIG.

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