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Address: Leto 1 - Auto put Beograd-Niš, (Sinjska bb), Voždovac, 11000 - Beograd

                Leto 2 - Batajnički Drum 1, Beograd 11080

Unique nursery store fully equipped with products for babies and pregnant women throughout Serbia. A world built with love for those who are looking for the best choice from day one of pregnancy to a child's schooling. Quality and safe products, specially selected to meet all your needs and make your life happy and comfortable!

Why should You buy in Leto Shop?

Your shopping is fast, easy and primarily complete. Our experienced and dedicated staff is always available. They are here to help you with your choices. There is also the possibility for online purchase with free delivery.

In our stores you will find:

  • Clothes, underwear, cosmetics, and accessories of high quality and style to emphasize your femininity during pregnancy.
  • All systems necessary for moving (carrying) a baby, baby stroller, car seat and basket, crib and everything from accessories for safe and comfortable travel.
  • Furniture, mattresses, equipment for baby rooms that meet all safety standards, as well as decorations, for your child to grow up in a safe, beautiful and healthy environment.
  • Safety equipment, including baby alarms, night lights, to ensure your baby's safety at all times.
  • Products that help your child develop, such as bottles, pacifiers, heaters, sterilizers and many other products.
  • Branded clothing like Okaid Obaibi, organic underwear mjölk, footwear for the most glamorous appearance.
  • Educational, fun and, primarily health-safe toys for the child to develop properly and to discover the world through the most creative ways.

All for the newborn, the baptism and all the important events in the life of your loved ones.

The latest bookstore with a large number of titles in specialist books and magazines for children and families.

A great selection of innovative and eco-friendly products with the most trusted and proven brands.

Welcome to Leto!

We will be glad to visit you and be at your service!