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Address: Ramadanska 16c, Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 2084410


Fax: +381 11 2084411

CONGRESS RENTAL  activate  in the field of Rental and Sales of Sound and Visual as well as Lighting equipment. It is a member of the PODIMATAS group of companies that is based in Athens, Greece, and has branch offices in Thessaloniki, at the island of Crete, and in Serbia as well.

CONGRESS RENTAL is a member of the International CONGRESS RENTAL NETWORK of Bosch. A membership to such a global network enables us to have at our disposal equipment of the highest standards such as DCN technology [Digital Congress Network] in microphones and in interpretation equipment, Integrus simultaneous interpretation systems, and the latest invention in the field, DCN New Generation and Wireless microphones. All the above mentioned systems come with the relative ISO standards, demanded nowadays by all major organizations and the European Union itself.

Furthermore, being a member of the PODIMATAS Group of companies enables CONGRESS RENTAL to profit from the top level infrastructure and the specialized technical know-how that PODIMATAS has gained by being the last 20 years one of the biggest company to provide high quality equipment and technical services to conferences, congresses, exhibitions and events.