Category: Food and Beverage



Address: Draginje Nikšić bb, Sremska Mitrovica

Phone: +381 22 610730


Fax: +381 22 610085

From 2010 the company was fully taken over by (the) Mitsides Public Company Ltd, the leading flour and pasta producer in Cyprus, and ever since it operates as Mitsides Point.

Mitsides Point holds one of the leading positions in the Serbian dry and fresh pasta products market. At its headquarters in Sremska Mitrovica, the company operates a recently constructed, fully automated dry pasta factory, as well as additional production plant for fresh pasta. The company’s wide range of dried and fresh pasta lines of “Panona Durum” and “Panona” products, are highly praised and recognized for their high quality, both on the local and international markets. Expert personnel operate the highest technology food safety and quality control devices. Mitsides Point is certified to the HACCP Food Safety Management ISO Quality Systems and IFS.Strict quality control is implemented throughout all process functions,from raw materials to end products.