Category: Real Estate / Property Management



Address: Mekenzijeva 57, Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 3206540


Fax: +381 11 3206550

Formerly a leading retail chain in the region, the company RK Beograd doo (RKB) is a leader in business innovation with great international experience in real estate management and in organizations of retail space. RKB owns 34 department stores with approximately 180,000 m2 of net space. They are situated in the most attractive, central locations in all major towns throughout Serbia and Montenegro. Our properties are flexible up-to-date retail centers, organized in conformity with needs of tenants and consumers. Our real estate portfolio also includes warehouses, distributive centers and premium office premises in Belgrade. In Montenegro, besides two department stores, RKB has two supermarkets and one warehouse, as well. Department stores Belgrade operate as a limited liability company.

The company is based in Belgrade and is jointly owned by a Serbian company Verano Motors and a Greek investment group MIG.